Lauren Young has 14 years experience in the wine and beer industry.  Her beverage sales training was soundly instilled while working at Gallo Wine Company in San Francisco, CA.  Most recently she has been a national account manager at Lagunitas Brewing Co., and responsible for building business in the brewery's top volume off-sale retail accounts.  While at Lagunitas, she experienced the diverse challenges of rapid growth as production grew from 26,000 bbls to nearly 1,000,000 bbls in 2016.

Lauren founded California Beverage Co. with the motivation to import high quality wines and beers into California.  Bringing your promising brand to market in California can be challenging - distributor selection, cost of a sales rep, strain on a producer's capacity - but also can be very attractive.   California is the largest craft beer market in the U.S., and also home to one of the finest winery regions in the world.   The vast and diverse population is thirsty, creating a demand for new and exciting brands.  California Beverage Co. offers unique exposure to the market through well managed sales in reputable accounts.


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